Human Resource Solutions

1. Recruitment, Outsourcing, Selection and Placement
Human resources are a key component in a business, the need to have the right people, doing the right job,possessing the right skill set is a growing demand. As a result, Alizhora comes in to all these growing demands.We source our staff from various fields both for short-term and long-term placements.

2. Job Evaluations, Analysis, Grading and Benchmarking
This process determines the relative size and worth of each job. We get to examine the contents and requirements of jobs and measures these against a standard scale. This result in job grades, scores, levels or ratings whereby jobs can be compared with other jobs to determine their relative worth. We get to benchmark your organization against similar organizations in the same industry to ensure that your organization remains competitive at all times.

Employee Selection & Placement

We assist clients with selection and placement services. We provide placement services where we develop an ideal employee profile and then work to source interview candidates for a specific position.

We then pre-screen applicants using behavioral interview techniques. Finally, we only send the best candidates to you for interviewing. This benefits you by eliminating wasted time in interviews with less than ideal candidates and sets you up to hire right the first time. The Process would include:-

Recruitment and selection Short listing Assessing the shortlisted candidates Interviewing Final selection for the best 3 candidates Pre-Employment and back ground testing Sending the pre-selected candidates to the client for final selection



Training is one of the most important parts of an organization's overall Strategy. It presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees and should not be viewed as an expense but rather as an investment. Benefits of training are intangible and investing in training benefits both, organization and employees for a long period. Training enhances a worker level of skills, provides a sense of satisfaction which is an intrinsic motivator. Training also provides organization multi skill employees and increases an employee commitment to their job and their organization.

Alizhora HR International offer different training programs for her clients and we exercise flexibility in tailoring programs that suit different organizational needs. Some of the programs we offer are:

Strategic Performance Management Training HR for Non HR managers Employee wellness training programs Employee safety at Work place Communication Skills Change Management Customer Service training programs Time and Priority Management

Our work process



Initial meeting where we learn and understand our clients HR requirments


Gathering information about current processes, including interviews and other qualitative approaches with the stakeholders involved.


Actual Process of implementing the solution


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